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At Deco Hairdressing we are committed to keeping our clients safe

Here are just a couple of procedures that we have in place to ensure a safe visit from your stylist.

  • All stylists will wear a mask and visor during your appointment

  • All equipment used during an appointment is cleaned and sterilised after every service.

  • Every stylist must wash and sterilise their hands before entering and after leaving your home.

We need your help and support to ensure the safety of our stylists. With this in mind please be aware of what we ask of all our clients...

  • You must wear a mask while your service is being carried out.

  • Please limit the number of family members that can enter the room where your stylist is working.

  • If a large room is not available please ensure there is ventilation in the room where your stylist is working.

...and of course, if you or a member of your household are exhibiting symptoms, please reschedule your appointment at the earliest opportunity.

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